Luxury Love &
Intimacy Mentoring

Delicious, deep-dive, bespoke experiences designed to show you how to bring more emotional connection, electric passion, and ease into your relationship. 


Aligned & Hot Marriage

Paradigm shifting, step-by-step instruction to create uncompromising intimacy with your partner. Deepen your emotional connection, plus reignite the passion and excitement!


Want more intimacy, more sensual passion, more play?

Want more deliciousness, more joy, more connection?

Work with Me

I'll show you how to create the deliciousness and joy of a growth-oriented, passionate relationship.

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The Surprising Secret to Having a Fantastic Relationship
This concise and potent audio course reveals the secret, and how to implement it, in order to improve all of your important relationships.

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Identify your desires, shed your shame, prioritize your pleasure, and get more of what you want!




An intimate coaching experience for the smart, successful woman ready to elevate her relationship.

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Luxury Love & Intimacy Mentoring

You deserve to beam at each other again.

When we work together privately I meet with you both, and guide you back to that place--where you will connect more deeply than ever before.

Having been there myself in my own relationship, I know the pain of a partnership lacking


I also know how fantastic it can be, and have cried tears of joy as I witness other couples who have restructured their relationship in order to access emotional connection, sensual intimacy, and spiritual communion. 

Every time it is unspeakably profound. And all it takes is the education to get there, plus the willingness to do the inner work required for you to become available for this kind of relationship.

As your Luxury Love & Intimacy Mentor, I will give you everything you need to create the long-lasting intimacy that warms your hearts, and your bed.

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I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Alexandra! There are two separate, but intertwined, aspects of her coaching that have her stand out as truly one of the best in this work.


Her technical skills are impeccable. She has the insight to see and describe long-standing patterns of guilt and blame, shame and anger, and to name what underlies them. 

- Benjamin Emmert-Aronson, Ph.D.

Aligned & Hot Marriage Program

Do you desire more emotional connection with your spouse? You love one another, you want to be together, your life with one another is much better than many other couples. And yet...you ask yourself if friendly companionship is as good as it gets. With step-by-step instructions, Aligned & Hot Marriage will teach you a way of being--with yourself and your partner--which will support you in bringing all of who you are to your relationship and learning how to offer the same to your partner.  

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I enrolled in the Aligned & Hot Marriage program because I wanted to improve my relationship. As a participant, I enjoyed the self paced modules and the members area, and I also liked the connection and community that was built through regular participation in the Q&A coaching calls. I felt supported and guided by Alexandra—she is a one of a kind expert at navigating you through the tough spots and bringing you both back to connection. This whole program has been so helpful for my relationship!


- Michele W.

Desires: Awaken the Woman Within is a powerful 3-video series where you will learn how to identify your desires, why they matter, and - most importantly - how to create a healthy relationship with your desires. All of these elements will also teach you how to create a connected relationship with your partner in a way that feels safe to share and explore with each other in a healthy and natural way. PLUS you will receive workbooks, exercises, and a powerful visualization to anchor in your desires in an organic way.

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The “Desires” course is wonderful. It was inspiring and I am really happy I found it.

Alexandra is amazing. I love her words, how she talks, her emotions and her energy. The whole thing really resonated for me.

The 3 days were so much fun, so empowering, and yes… I deserve what I desire!!!!


- MonikaLucia Steiner, MD

Desires: Awaken The Woman Within

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Get The Book!

Delivered straight to your door or your device, my acclaimed bestselling book Uncompromising Intimacy is a great place to start your journey to a relationship rekindled.


Sometimes great things come in small packages, and this book is just that. You know what you
want, so get this book now and learn how to create it!

Fall in love with your partner all over again.

Are you in a sexless marriage?

Wanting more passion and intimacy and afraid that without it you’ll end up divorced?

Do you yearn to fall in love again...adored, cherished, and enjoying the feeling that comes with
knowing your partner is deeply devoted to you?

A wife of 25 years and a mother of 4, Alexandra Stockwell, MD started her career as a medical
doctor and went on to become a Relationship and Intimacy Expert. She has coached hundreds of
men and women to transform their relationships and in this book, she will help you too.
In this book you'll learn how to:

  • Escape the trap of being roommates with your spouse

  • Make love as if you’re on your honeymoon

  • Fall deeply in love again, no matter how distant you are today

  • Move from sexless and affection starved to cherished and adored

  • Learn to communicate so you and your partner are working towards the same goals

  • Create and maintain a sensual, intimate, dynamic relationship

  • Be a role model for your kids so they know what a great relationship looks like

Evoking Brene Brown, Esther Perel, and a voice that is uniquely her own, Alexandra Stockwell’s
writing is part inspiration, part practical application, and part invitation to a new world view--one
where you get to bring all of who you are into your relationship and be loved because of it.

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"In this book, Alexandra shares a great perspective on long-term, committed relationship that turns conventional wisdom on its head. Packed with useful exercises, this book can help you wake up a ho hum relationship and have you fall in love all over again. With the communication and mindset shifts outlined in this book, you can create lasting change for your whole family. Written in a warm and conversational tone, Alexandra’s way of writing is accessible and vulnerable. I highly recommend this book!"

- Marie-Elizabeth Mali

"This book is a gem! Whether you've been with your partner for one month or 50 years, I assure you that you will love this book. It is a quick read filled with so many profound ideas and tools that you will want to read it multiple times. It is a very practical guide to the path of greater peace, joy, and passion in your relationship. My partner and I have been using these principles for years in our relationship but we still found so many pearls of wisdom in this book that I now recommended this book to all my friends. Even if you are not in a relationship, get this book. You will learn so much about yourself, your needs, and your wants that you will be in a better place to find and create the relationship you want with your next partner."

- Jerry Gould, DC

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