Why Intimacy Is The Most Important Part Of Your Relationship

Why Intimacy Is The Most Important Part Of Your Relationship

Intimacy is the most important part of your relationship–not just physical, sensual intimacy but emotional intimacy and the feeling of being seen and supported. Without it, the best you can hope for is to be teammates, roommates, or collaborators. That creates a steadiness without much aliveness. When you experience intimacy in your relationship, there is vibrancy and vitality and all of life is brighter. You get to know one another in deep and personal ways. You have someone to share your thoughts with, someone who is a safe haven for your feelings, someone you know will have your back. 

Strengthen The Bond With Your Partner Through Intimacy

Through intimacy, your bond strengthens and amplifies. Through the glorious, erotic moments, and the inevitable awkward moments. Through the easy, expansive times and the ones where you need to put effort into your relationship. All of it contributes to you feeling safe and supported in living your best life with one another.

Just to be clear, when I am speaking about intimacy, I don’t merely mean the act of having sex. I am referring to a sense of togetherness, a depth in your connection that is delicious no matter what is happening.  I hope this blog post helps you understand how crucial intimacy is in your relationship and inspires you to put more attention to building it!

How Do We Create A Marriage Strong Enough To “Be The Change”?

By prioritizing INTIMACY.

You know the saying, first expressed by Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you wish to see.” Well, when it comes to intimacy, that saying applies as well. To build intimacy, whether it’s sensual, erotic intimacy or the intimacy that comes with affection and daily friendliness, the greatest limiting factor is your ability to experience more joy, excitement, support, pleasure, and overall gratification.

Yes, it includes your partner’s willingness and capability to connect with you in a deep and meaningful way. But, after coaching hundreds of couples, I have come to see how important it is to be able to receive and enjoy the attention that is offered. After all, intimacy doesn’t happen by chance or accident; it has to be intentional, and it has to be continually cultivated–in both the giving and the receiving.


Whatever attention you put on building intimacy is well worth it, because it will lead to more closeness and connection and all the loveliness, and pleasure, that comes with it.

Intimacy Is Important And You Must Make Time For It

In daily life there are so many pulls for our attention that it’s understandable when it feels like there isn’t enough space or energy left over to cultivate intimacy. But it’s essential because it affects your overall wellbeing. 

So go ahead and make a point of sharing more openly and honestly, and listen without judgment. When you make it a practice you will absolutely experience the rewards.

Let me show you how to create the deliciousness and joy of a growth-oriented, passionate relationship!

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