Intimacy Coaching?

Why Do Couples Seek Out Intimacy Coaching?

  • You are cordial and communicate about the day-to-day, but between your professional lives and the lives of your children, there just isn’t enough time for you and your spouse to connect-at least not the way you wish you would.
  • You are not the problem. Your spouse is not the problem. The problem is that you don’t have the education to know how to change this. You don’t know where to begin.
  • An intimacy coach will show you how to create the relationship you want by teaching you how to reignite intimacy, playfulness, and passion.
  • After their first session, couples feel a new sense of hope. You’ll understand what is happening between the two of you at a deeper level and what to do about it. Once you’re no longer stuck, you’ll imagine a future that excites you; connection and pleasure will finally be within reach.

What Does An Intimacy Coach Do?

Walks you through a process

 that results in the deliciousness of a joyful and growth oriented
relationship. It’s a journey in which both partners are supported in
learning to express themselves fully.

You’ll learn to maintain

a busy professional life while also enjoying  a beautiful partnership. And everything that goes along with that.

In my program

I teach couples the six qualities that are key to creating an intimate marriage. It has worked for my marriage, hundreds of other couples,  and continues to produce incredible results for all of my clients.

Can An Intimacy Coach Help You
With Your Sex Life?

Yes! Of course. However, one of the most surprising discoveries at the start of my career was finding that I could help couples improve their sex life without ever talking about sex. Most of the time I find that once a couple communicates about their thoughts and feelings with vulnerability and kindness, they no longer need me to coach them on the sensual and sexual parts of their relationship.


(And when explicit focus on what is happening in the bedroom is needed, it is of great benefit for a couple to have already learned to communicate well.)

True Intimacy Is a Learnable Skill

Having a fantastic and passionate relationship is something that anyone can learn. All that is required is education but most people haven’t ever been taught. What people learn from their parents, sex ed classes, clergy, movies, books, peers or porn is wholly inadequate. With attention and the right education, comes more closeness, pleasure, and joy. With the right skills you’ll communicate better and understand your partner more deeply without sacrificing any parts of yourself.

Benefits Of Having An Intimacy Coach

  • Re-ignite the passion in your relationship.
  • Fall in love with your partner again.
  • Feel more confident being yourself and asserting your needs, knowing that doing so won’t damage your relationship.
  • Understand your partner better.
  • Learn how to use everything that arises between you (both the tense moments and the wonderful ones) to build more connection.
  • Let go of past hurts and create a growth-oriented relationship.

What Happens In Your First Session?

Before the session, you and your partner will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, in order to
convey your experiences, challenges, and desires.

In your first session your coach will start by asking questions in order to identify where
you are in your relationship.

Your coach will also want to hear what your relationship goals are,
(helping you identify them as needed). This is your chance to dream big and authentically state what you want.


Your coach will describe your personal roadmap for your relationship journey, beginning with where you are now and leading to where you want your relationship to be. Your coach will describe the landscape along the way and articulate milestones you’ll experience so you know what is involved in transforming your marriage into the intimate, connected relationship you desire. 

Finding An Intimacy Coach
That’s Right For You

First of all, it’s normal to have challenges in intimacy. No one comes to their wedding day fully informed about creating emotional connection and long lasting passion. The main distinction between those with joy-filled, nourishing relationships, and those dealing with disappointment, loneliness, numbness, and yearning in their marriage, is a willingness to learn how to have a fantastic relationship.

For high-achieving professionals, it can feel like you need to dumb down to connect with a therapist, coach, or counselor, because they can’t meet you where you are. To get the results you desire, you need to trust you’ll be seen for your intellectual prowess and unspoken tenderness as you navigate challenges in your relationship you never expected to have.

An excellent intimacy coach will provide you with missing education and illuminate your blind spots. You’ll want this delivered with kindness and precision, so it’s easy to incorporate the lessons into your relationship.

Individuals often think the problems in their marriage are either due to the shortcomings of their partner, or of themselves, but that’s never the whole story. Intimacy coaching will address your individual needs and desires, as well as the dynamic between you–you’ve co-created the situation and you’ll transform it together.

I know if you could improve things on your own, you would have already done so. This isn’t about using canned communication scripts or pushing through awkwardness expecting a different result. It’s about learning to be with your partner, and yourself, in ways that feel authentic rather than performative.

When it comes to some professions, book learning and intellectual expertise are all that’s required. When finding an intimacy coach that’s right for you, those are certainly important, but so is your coach’s presence, how you feel when you interact with them, how much you trust them, and the degree to which they walk their talk in their own lives. As an Intimate Marriage Expert who has been married for 27 years, I know how challenging intimacy can be. I also know how glorious it can be and I want you to experience that too.

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