What Clients Say

I enrolled in the Conscious Partnership Program because I wanted to improve my relationship. As a participant, I enjoyed the self paced modules and the members area, and I also liked the connection and community that was built through regular participation in the calls. I felt supported and guided by Alexandra—she is a one of a kind expert at navigating you through the tough spots back to connection. This whole program has been so helpful for my relationship!

- Michele W.

I have moved to a higher and deeper level of connection and heartfelt love in every area of my life, and I’ve developed new relationships that are more nourishing, satisfying and creative. I regularly feel empowered, happy and free–my internal wild woman riding with the wind in her hair–and I’m so grateful for Alexandra’s presence in my life.

- Lisa St. John

Alexandra’s presence exudes safety, approval, and gentle wisdom. Whenever we got on the phone to do a coaching session, I would talk and go on about something, and she would catch the subtlest details of what was happening in the undercurrent of my being, and thus our sessions would start from that place. From the undercurrent. She’s very intuitive and weaves in her diverse knowledge and life experience as a woman, mom, wife, healer, and human being. To this day, after we concluded our sessions, I still use tools she suggested to me and am grateful for her in helping me move into this next stage of my life.

Laurel L.

Alexandra was not only an informed and knowledgeable business coach, she was a team player. I felt partnered with her regarding problem solving and finding business strategies that work for my particular business and, perhaps more important, Alexandra supported me in cultivating the right attitudes for success.

I came to Alexandra with many questions about how to share my work with the world and she was a bevy of fresh ideas.  she has a way of instilling confidence with her demeanor, and an open, affirmative presence that makes it easy to confide in her, even with things that may feel embarrassing to share!

Perpetually upbeat Alexandra is a delight and at the same time she is serious about getting results, asking insightful questions that support the client in finding their own solutions!

I greatly appreciate Alexandra and highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about growing their mind AND their business!

Lynne Forrest

Founder of The Reality Formula, www.lynneforrest.com

Hear Clients In Their Own Words

I have the distinct honor of having been a client of Alexandra’s. When I first began working with her, I was a high performing professional in investment banking, and was yearning deeply to know myself better, particularly in the broader ranges of my emotional expression.

I had many tangible successes up until that point but I also had this constant feeling that I was missing something. I felt empty and compartmentalized.

I was missing satiating relationships and consistent depth in my own self-worth, and often struggled to express my vulnerabilities.

I had a sneaking suspicion that I was missing the point or I wasn’t living the life I was supposed to be living. That I should be doing MORE but I couldn’t figure out what!

From the moment Alexandra and I first connected, a part of me felt seen and understood–a part that no one had ever seen before, including me.

What followed was a crash course in knowing myself to the core, and learning how to live a life aligned with my inner voice, my own feelings, my own truth.

Alexandra has been instrumental in the development of my sense of self, my emotional intelligence (EQ), my relationship with my intuition, my relationship with my personal power, and my capacity to build intimacy in relationships.

 I have gained more than I knew was possible when I started working with her, and her capacity to meet me effortlessly in every single stage of my journey, no matter how quickly I’m growing, no matter how tricky or sophisticated that particular stage, has provided a tremendous return on my investment. She is a woman who coaches exquisitely through direct instruction and also by modeling; my emotional and spiritual growth is evidence of her aptitude in developing human potential.

After working with Alexandra, I find myself in a perpetual upswing. Growth, learning, readiness, and expansion await me every morning. I know unequivocally what I want. I’ve launched two businesses since we started our work together. I’ve stopped worrying about whether I fit in with society and embraced the part of me that is here to change the world. Every single one of my relationships is not only deeply gratifying, but incredibly nourishing. I know the depths of pure joy inside and out.

I highly recommend Alexandra particularly to women who are looking to step fully into themselves and who yearn to feel whole, and also to couples who want to deepen their relationship and go to the next level, even if they aren’t exactly sure what that will mean for them. Alexandra is a woman who practices what she preaches in how she lives her own life–she is a priceless guide on any journey.


Antesa Jensen


You gave me permission to leave a co-dependent relationship. You allowed a slow death of each aspect of my co-dependency by consistently redirecting me toward believing in myself. You helped me see I was using anger with the people closest to me to protect myself, and you gave me permission to drop it. You visioned a safe life for me without resentment and I am so grateful. (This should be in all caps and 10 pages long to emphasize what a shift this is for me and the women in my family.) My life is completely different after this time of coaching with you in which I transitioned from putting my energy into near daily crisis management to putting my energy into looked into my soul and growing, creating the fun home life I yearned for, and having hot, nourishing sex with my partner, now fiancee. 


Can’t thank you enough Alexandra… you helped us see what we can do to invest in our relationship and showed us exactly how to do it.


~ Tamika

Hey Alexandra, You’re awesome!  I find your flexibility in meeting people to be admirable. I’ve seen you coach from a place of total warmth, tenderness and featheriness, and also from a place of firmness, staunchness, and directness.

~ Mike

I had a life that many would love to step into before I met Alexandra. However, there was something missing in terms of me feeling and living with self-confidence, deep satisfaction, and creativity. The kinds of deep heartfelt connections I wanted with others seemed elusive and fewer than I wanted. And I was aware of an essential missing piece in my life.

A Stanford and Harvard graduate, I love my healthcare clinics as well as my coaching and teaching business. This was my starting point with Alexandra. An enviable position. I was however at times feeling a little cut off from myself. And sometimes questioning what I was feeling. There was a dissatisfaction between what the world saw in me and what I felt inside. It was as if there was a curtain over part of my internal landscape,  my internal life – myself. Almost as if I had blinders on. It felt as if I had lost hold of some internal anchor. There was a deeper self knowing, peace and satisfaction that I did not experience – that I was craving.

Alexandra shone a light into the dark crevices of my heart. The hollow places, the times when I felt at loose ends and didn’t know what to do.

It is not just her experiential and educational life that she brings to our discussions. It is her ability to sense emotions and her uncanny focus on the essential missing piece that she guides me too. Not only does she shine a light but she helps me build the bridges between me and other people, my community and also between me and my heart. She has walked and understands the intricacies of smart complex people who are also powerful leaders in the world but want even more in our lives.

Alexandra has seen the hidden secrets of my heart and guided me to a strength I have never experienced before. With her, I have learned to find the sweet spot in relationships with my family members and friends regardless of their self awareness and behaviors. So my joy and fun with them has expanded exponentially. I no longer seek nourishment in places that are deserts or people who are unable to experience deeper connections.  Alexandra’s style includes an ability to calibrate with what I need in the moment. Sometimes I need a direct honed knife edge communication of truth and other times I need her deeply loving gentle words to open up places in me that need air and light examination and integration. She is incredibly insightful, smart and strategic well maintaining a vision of the big picture. She lives a wide range of roles as a professional, a mother, wife, sacred sexual feminine, actor, healer and leader herself so the many hats I wear are easily integrated into our sessions and thus into my life.

I no longer play nice nice as I used to. I am not so nice but I believe I am more loving. My expectations for my relationships has jumped to a new height and my ability to create them with the jump. I have honed in on my desires and now found a voice to express and communicate them. I did not realize until I was with Alexandra that I did not speak my truth. That I did not vocalize, my voice was quiet. I did not say what I saw and what I felt clearly so people could really see me and respond. Now I no longer stay quiet. This is true also in my work. In my two clinics, I still lead compassionately, but I don’t struggle with standards of accountability from my employees to meet my own expectations. My boundaries are now clearer and my ability to articulate them  makes it easier for other people to relate to me and interact with me. I used to agonize over difficulties with employees who were not stepping up in their jobs. Now I am clear with my expectations, celebrate whenever we can and take action with clarity where before I struggled.

I have moved to a higher and yet deeper level of connection, heartfelt love and developed new relationships that are more nourishing, satisfying and creative to me.

I have opened up my Lone Wolf style of living and working. No longer do I try to do it all myself, nor do I feel lonely in my leadership position. I work with other successful CEOs and for the first time have a deep sense of belonging and rightness about myself and my work and in my personal life. This is not to say that I don’t get messy however I now see messy as part of the process of change and life and I enjoy it instead of trying to push it away.

I now regularly feel empowered, happy and free. My internal wild woman rides free with the wind in her hair.


~ Lisa S

Alexandra is truly amazing! After “hitting the ceiling” for years in my life and business, she was able to quickly and easily identify with me where my internal mindset roadblocks are and best of all provide me with tools I can use immediately to clear my path to accomplishing my vision for my life. I’ve met and worked with many coaches and it can be challenging knowing who to choose. I hope you decide to speak with Alexandra — you’ll be extremely impressed.


~ Brian W.

Working with Alexandra has been such a blessing to me!

When I began speaking with Alexandra, I had been feeling stuck, and not really sure why. I felt unsure of myself and longed for clarity and for that spark of energy that others seemed to have. After just 1 session, I began to feel the shift. And by the end of our few months together, I can actually say that my life turned around so fast, that it still amazes me. The insight, permission, and clarity that I received through my conversations with her have continued to work their magic in my life. I can see how muddled my mind has been and how I was living in fear and holding myself back.

I went from seeing myself as a passenger of life, at my job, in my relationship, to the one who calls the shots, and who receives the support and love I need to thrive. Instead of being an assistant, I am now the C.O.O., instead of being a single mom living in a 2 bedroom apartment that I can barely afford, I am marrying my fiancé and buying a 5 bedroom house in a lovely neighborhood, and paying out less than I was at the tiny apartment. I went from being afraid to take a walk in my neighborhood to going out and greeting my neighbors on a regular basis, making friends and getting exercise.

I recommend Alexandra to those of you who are ready to open up, and let the transformation that you are waiting for, happen. We are the ones we are waiting for, but sometimes, we all could use a good coach and a fresh perspective! 


~ Jaquetta J.

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