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Alexandra Stockwell, MD, is joined by Tricia Brouk for an honest conversation about the often misunderstood topic of menopause. The conversation is inspired by and centered around their journey co-authoring “The Invitation: Vital Conversations About Menopause,” their new book published on September 13, 2023. 

Together, Alexandra and Tricia challenge stereotypes, emphasizing the unique and positive potential for each woman in this phase of life. They address the lack of open discussions about menopause and invite both women and men to join this crucial conversation. Reflecting on their collaboration, they stress the importance of an authentic exploration of menopause’s diverse experiences. Ultimately, this episode is an invitation to reshape the narrative around menopause, fostering understanding, empowerment, and connection for women and their partners.

Also in this episode: 

  • Menopause is an inevitable part of a woman’s life, but it doesn’t have to be a negative or horrific experience as society sometimes portrays it.
  • Conversations should be open and inclusive, involving not only women but also their partners and loved ones.
  • Creating a warm and inviting space for discussion is crucial to destigmatize menopause and empower individuals to share their experiences.
  • How interested and responsive men have been about a book on menopause; it’s turning out to be an inclusive resource for everyone.
  • Every person going through menopause is the ultimate authority on their own experience.
  • The book “The Invitation: Vital Conversations About Menopause” encourages vital and intimate conversations about menopause, aiming to create connections, expand sexual understanding, and promote a more intimate marriage.

Purchase “The Invitation: Vital Conversations About Menopause” here:

About “The Invitation: Vital Conversations About Menopause”:

 Whether you’re a woman in the midst of menopause, anticipating it, or close to someone who is, you are invited to join a candid, provocative conversation in a safe space where all experiences are honored.

 “The Invitation” is an expansive, meaningful dialogue between two friends that unfolds organically as the authors discuss the nuances of their individual experiences, challenge widely held social constructs, and give rise to empowering new perspectives on the menopause paradigm.

 Chapters explore physical manifestations of menopause, sex and intimacy, marriage through the lens of menopause, and how it impacts women at work—a topic for which an expert joins the conversation to enlighten readers about both challenges and solutions for female employees going through menopause.

 There are also important contributions from three women with diverse backgrounds who share their heartbreaking and poignant personal journeys of feeling abandoned by the medical system and betrayed by their own bodies.

 “The Invitation” is not about medical treatments or behavioral solutions. It’s about creating a collective sisterhood; engaging in open, honest dialogue; and validating and empowering one another to embody a different and more inspiring relationship with menopause.

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143. The Vital Conversations About Menopause You Need To Be Having

The Intimate Marriage Podcast, With Intimacy Coach, Alexandra Stockwell, MD

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