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Do you want to deepen your understanding of your relationship? Access new heights of emotional, sensual, and erotic intimacy?
Is your marriage really great, and you’re wondering what more is possible for you? Are you feeling stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find your way back to one another? If you want your relationship to feel truly amazing, join Alexandra Stockwell, MD, physician, and Intimate Marriage Expert every week, as she shares the secrets to creating and sustaining a deep, meaningful, and passionate marriage.

 On this episode of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, I’m speaking with Dr. Brent Lacey about marriage, money, and more! Professionally, Brent is a gastroenterologist who is passionate about helping physicians succeed with business and personal finances. In his personal life, he and his wife have cultivated a magnificent marriage based on honesty, clarity, and humility. In his words, “Marriage is the ballgame. If you don’t get that right, there’s no point in having anything else.” During our conversation, we talk about how having a healthy, loving relationship will spill over into all facets of your life, how to date your spouse and how to overcome money problems in your marriage.


  • [00:46] Dr. Brent Lacey introduced
  • [01:50] How marriage impacts all facets of life
  • [07:29] Advice from other couples 
  • [09:00] Money and marriage
  • [16:00] The power of “Why” in communication
  • [20:00] Marriage and Money Summit information
  • [23:00] Personal growth from marriage
  • [25:00] Dealing with disappointment in marriage


  • A healthy, loving marriage will spill over into all areas of life
  • Through intentional acts of love in marriage you can keep your relationship from becoming mundane and routine
  • No matter how old you get, you need to date your spouse
  • Letting your spouse know the story and “why” behind decisions and values is really important to healthy communication
  • Honesty, clarity and humility are essential to building a healthy marriage

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