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Mia and Patrick Testimonial

“Alexandra Stockwell is a brilliant coach and mentor. She’s a perceptive listener and has a very nuanced and expansive understanding of what makes people tick. She’s deeply caring and supportive and also speaks directly to what you need to hear to get unstuck.”

– Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Relationship Coach, TEDx Speaker, Poet

“With Dr. Alexandra’s guidance and support, we have progressed more In a few weeks than in our 4 years together trying to work on things ourselves.”

– Kelsey Blakeway, Entrepreneur

Intimacy Marriage Podcast with Tania Sethi

“Alexandra is a very rare breed. She has such a unique skill of being able to see right to the root of your ‘problems’ and bring out the excellence that lives in your heart. With her inner sight, I was able to reach into my issues, which were loaded with shame, guilt, hopelessness, judgement and self-doubt.

While a good coach might have helped me get better, Alexandra is a great coach in that she empowered me to do the work myself and to get free in all the areas I was feeling stuck. Because of her ability to communicate her total love and approval for ALL OF ME, I felt deeply seen and effortlessly inspired to be my very, very best, most excellent self.”

– Tania Sethi, Aesthetician


“Working with Alexandra was such a gift to our marriage. My husband and I have very different energy and styles of communication. Alexandra was able to see and hold both of us in our fullness with exquisite care and attention. As a result of our work together we have been able to see and appreciate each other more deeply. Our sessions were dynamic and creative, and we are still receiving the benefits.”

– Elana Bell, Poet

I was going through new territory in many areas of my life and I was determined to be conscious about my decisions so I wouldn’t repeat the past or sabotage myself.


I decided to work with Dr. Alexandra because I trust her wisdom and her skill as a coach. I also knew I would feel seen for who I am, and at the same time challenged so I would achieve my goals.


As a result of coaching with Dr. Alexandra, I now ask for what I want from a place of power and confidence that I will get what I want.


I learned to turn blame and toxic thoughts into responsible, loving, compassionate thoughts. I have seen big shifts in terms of my being willing and able to connect. I am open to receive what my partner wants to share with me. Even the gifts she gives me are now aligned with who I am and how I want to be loved.


I also have more resilience and a greater ability to navigate difficult emotions and stressful moments in our family life.


Through coaching with Dr. Alexandra, I shifted my perspective and realized I am always capable of feeling love and experiencing connection with my partner.”


– Diego Ventura, Professional Poker Player

Ben Emmert Aronson

“I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Alexandra! There are two separate, but intertwined, aspects of her coaching that have her stand out as truly one of the best in this work.

Her technical skills are impeccable. She has the insight to see and describe long-standing patterns of guilt and blame, shame and anger, and to name what underlies them.

Second, her emotional approach, her way of being, while coaching makes it so that the things she sees and describes land kindly and as an opportunity. Coming from her, it seems easy to change these patterns, and I’m excited to try out something new!

My partner and I came into this coaching with what felt to us like a very concrete, intractable dilemma. She wanted a baby yesterday, and was at an age where urgency was warranted. I felt neither financially ready for that nor that our relationship was in a place for it. To us, this all seemed very concrete, and like the problem was well defined and “over there.” We were not making progress on our own.

Alexandra deftly untangled history and story from our dilemma – the impact of underlying stories (e.g., my doubt in my self-worth, my belief that I will only be loved based on what I produce rather than who I am, the way I made my partner responsible for my emotions). This transformed our “dilemma” into a shared focus of our relationship, something we were partnered on, instead of in opposition around.

In addition, these same insights and practices have been vital outside of my romantic partnership. I bring these skills into my work, my family relationships, and, perhaps most importantly, how I treat myself.”

– Benjamin Emmert-Aronson, Ph.D.

AJ Yager

“Alexandra Stockwell has a big loving and caring heart, but don’t let that fool you… she combines years of experience, business acumen, and ‘in your face’ direct feedback that may not be easy to receive, but is exactly what you need to hear! Her advice and coaching has helped me overcome some limiting beliefs I was holding onto and gave me a new perspective as a business owner to step into a new role that I love and feel worthy in. Thank you so much, Alexandra!”

– AJ Yager, Co-Founder and CMO Praxis Metrics

“I am forever grateful to have been coached by Dr. Alexandra. I feel better about myself AND my relationship. I feel more confident and everything in my life is so much better.”

– Rocio Guerrero, Teacher

The Aligned & Hot Marriage program called to me because it spoke to a continued issue that weighed heavily on me. My marriage was rock solid at its foundation but the physical passion we once shared for one another had softened. There always seemed to be some really good explanation for that, but I was tired of us honoring those excuses. I wanted it back!

Things between my husband and I weren’t falling apart or something. We were good! We make a wonderful team. We love and respect each other very much. But, I didn’t realize how much intimacy was missing from our marriage until things started to really shift!

Through the video modules and workbook activities, we’ve found new ways of communicating that allow us more space both as a couple and as individuals. The freedom we have found to enjoy one another more deeply is wonderful! And Alexandra is absolutely right, when the intimacy ignites in your relationship…that passion shows up all on its own again.

I would recommend this program to anyone who knows their partnership has room for improvement, especially if you miss the fresh passion of when things were shiny + new.

Today I am thankful that while so many other marriages are crumbling under the seemingly insurmountable stress of a pandemic, my husband and I have found pathways to grow closer + stronger together. I don’t think I have ever felt so blissfully close to my hubby headed into a holiday season before!”

– Marissa Ramirez

Jaquetta testimonial at Alexandra Stockwell Program

“Working with Alexandra has been such a blessing to me! When
I began speaking with Alexandra, I had been feeling stuck, and not really sure why. I felt unsure of myself and longed for clarity and for that spark of energy that others seemed to have.

After just 1 session, I began to feel the shift. And by the end of our few months together, I can actually say that my life turned around so fast, that it still amazes me. The insight, permission, and clarity that I received through my conversations with her have continued to work their magic in my life. I can see how muddled my mind has been and how I was living in fear and holding myself back.”

– Jaquetta Jancewicz, COO


Working with Alexandra was such a gift to our marriage. My husband and I have very different energy and styles of communication. Alexandra was able to see and hold both of us in our fullness with exquisite care and attention. As a result of our work together we have been able to see and appreciate each other more deeply. Our sessions were dynamic and creative, and we are still receiving the benefits.

-Elana Bell, Poet

Juliette & Alex

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