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Do you want to deepen your understanding of your relationship? Access new heights of emotional, sensual, and erotic intimacy?
Is your marriage really great, and you’re wondering what more is possible for you? Are you feeling stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find your way back to one another? If you want your relationship to feel truly amazing, join Alexandra Stockwell, MD, physician, and Intimate Marriage Expert every week, as she shares the secrets to creating and sustaining a deep, meaningful, and passionate marriage.

In this episode of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, Alexandra Stockwell, MD shares the fifth key to creating an intimate marriage: take responsibility. Taking responsibility is ultimately one of the biggest pivots into internal spaciousness, freedom, magnetism, and knowing your own power to create the relationship you actually want to be experiencing.

The idea of responsibility can feel burdensome and heavy for some people. However, when it comes to creating a beautiful, passionate, intimate marriage using the principles of uncompromising intimacy, taking responsibility is essential. Alexandra emphasizes that you must go first and take responsibility for your experience in the relationship, regardless of what your partner does.

Taking responsibility may look different for each person. It could involve mindset work, transforming resentment, or making a point of leaving the house for a few hours every weekend to be by oneself and take a walk in the woods.

Also in this episode:

  • The importance of taking responsibility in creating an intimate marriage
  • The loaded nature of the word responsibility
  • The idea that things should be fair and equal in a relationship
  • Principle of uncompromising intimacy
  • The necessity of taking 100% responsibility for the quality of the relationship
  • The challenge of waiting for one’s partner to take responsibility
  • The impact of taking responsibility on personal fulfillment and connection in a relationship

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About Alexandra Stockwell, MD

My mission is to change the cultural narrative around long-term relationships from one of ongoing stagnation and compromise to the delectable joy and deep gratification a couple feels while building passion and excitement on a daily basis.

For over two decades, I have been guiding men and women to bring pleasure and purpose back into all aspects of life— from the daily grind of running a household to creating ecstatic experiences in the bedroom!

I embarked on this journey not only for my patients but for myself and my own relationship. I wanted more for my life and my marriage than logistics, and discussions about childcare.

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