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Is your marriage really great, and you’re wondering what more is possible for you? Are you feeling stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find your way back to one another? If you want your relationship to feel truly amazing, join Alexandra Stockwell, MD, physician, and Intimate Marriage Expert every week, as she shares the secrets to creating and sustaining a deep, meaningful, and passionate marriage.

Compromise is by far the most common relationship advice that’s given. In order to have a happy marriage you have to be good at compromising, right? Wrong! 

What really happens when you compromise is that you’re holding parts of yourself back from your relationship, and that doesn’t bode well.

When you stop compromising and bring your entire self into your relationship, when you learn to accept all parts of one another, you will be able to create solutions that you couldn’t imagine on your own. 

Uncompromising intimacy is the opposite of compromise. It’s glorious, and it takes intentionality.

The main reason to compromise is to avoid conflict, not rock the boat, and not mess with something that’s working well.

There are many problems with this approach:

  • Eventually, you get so skilled at compromise that you don’t even realize you’re doing it.
  • You get so used to turning away from what you want, it becomes difficult to find your desires again.
  • Unmet and uncommunicated desires often lead people to turn elsewhere.

Uncompromising intimacy is the opposite of compromise. It’s glorious, connecting, and it takes intentionality.

You’re not doing yourself any favors to compromise on your desires. The number 1 way to avoid divorce is to know what you want and know how to ask for it.

Do you know what you want? Do you know what you desire within your relationship? Do you know how to bring it up in a way that’s respectful of the relationship?

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