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Valentine’s Day is often painted as a rosy, beautiful, romantic, fairytale time. Sometimes that’s true, but often it’s much more complicated.

Today I’ll share some ways to set yourself up for a Happy Valentine’s Day. This is not theoretical- it really will help!

  1. Spend some time thinking about what Valentine’s Day really means to you. Journal about it if you want. Notice if you are bracing yourself for a disappointing time? Are you fantasizing about a gorgeous romantic evening? Explore all of your dreams, disappointments, and other assoications with the holiday.
  2. Envision what you want your Valentine’s Day to be like. How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience? 
  3. Get together with your partner and reminisce with each other about Valentine’s Days in the past. Keep it light. Then talk together about how you both want to celebrate this year, and plan it together.

Don’t expect your partner to read your mind! Take the time to create a win-win Valentine’s celebration for both of you. You’ll be glad you did.

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