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The #1 Secret you need to create a
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Exactly how to use the secret to create more closeness with those you love.


How to have better communication in every relationship, for the rest of your life!

Are you in a relationship that looks pretty good from the outside...but inside you want more.

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Course Testimonials

“I’m very grateful for what I learned in “The Secret”!
It is amazing how powerful this one thing is–I’ve practiced it, and it IS a game-changer. (Using the secret consistently shifts my experience from angry or hurt, to open and honoring.)
It is wonderful to benefit from Alexandra’s vast experience with couples, and it is also super valuable for all relationships. I even shared it with my friend for her relationship with her son!

Anyone can use the secret, at any time-no cost and no equipment needed!”

- Connie Dann-Duval (married 20 years)

“Wow Dr.Alexandra’s “Surprising Secret to Having a Fantastic Relationship” is a precise, concise, useful, practical, and mind-blowing nugget of wisdom. It is so perfectly delivered that in the course of just over 8 minutes, any rebuttal I might have had to her teachings on how to bring more connection and intimacy into a relationship were lovingly dismantled (thank you!).”

- Antesa Jensen, Emotional Intelligence Expert, TEDx Speaker, Author

“You know how messy and jagged it can feel to be disconnected from your partner, or just silently, persistently at odds? And how impossible it seems to untangle how it is between the two of you?
Alexandra makes getting back to what you love and who you love so simple and clean, and efficient.
I felt myself relax as she talked. If you are anxious or unsettled, her clarity and kindness are just the thing to find balance.

This practice has not only bridged the distance that had grown between us, it has also renewed our sense of delight in one another.”

- Rachel Coleman (married 27 years)

Meet Dr. Alexandra

Hi, I’m Alexandra Stockwell, MD. Known as “The Intimacy Doctor, ” I am an Intimate Marriage Expert, bestselling author of Uncompromising Intimacy, host of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, and the creator of the Aligned & Hot Marriage program.

For over 20 years I’ve been showing men and women how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life–from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom.

A wife of 26 years and mother of 4, I believe the key to passion, fulfillment, intimacy and success, isn’t compromise–it’s being unwilling to compromise–because when both people feel free to be themselves, and know how to love and be loved for exactly who they are, the relationship is juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying.

I’ve been featured in the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, USAToday, Business Insider, InStyle, FOX News NYC, and many other publications.

I am glad you are here and look forward to all the ways your relationship will benefit once you learn The Secret.

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