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On this episode of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, I speak with Travia Steward about the many steps she took on her quest to be ready for, and find, her partner. Travia and her wife have been together for 15 years, married for 7 years. We talk about Travia’s journey to accepting her sexuality and how she experiences reinvention through her marriage. Travia is a transformation and reinvention coach who helps inspire and empower people to live the highest vision of their lives. Listen to learn about love languages and the tools they use to keep their love alive and grow their relationship.


  • [00:50] Introduction of Travia
  • [03:31] Travia shares her journey of finding her wife
  • [07:35] What Travia learned from her marriage
  • [10:53] What she wanted to feel in a relationship
  • [14:00] The power of love languages
  • [18:25] Personal reinvention
  • [21:37] Tools for reinvention
  • [20:20] Initiating check ins
  • [30:47] How to keep feeling in love
  • [35:35] How to connect with Travia


  • Travia uses her awareness of her partner’s love language to successfully express love for her wife, and her wife does the same knowing Travia’s love languages are touch and words of affirmation.
  • Being aware of the intentions behind your actions and having a loving intent with your partner will go a long way in showing your partner love.
  • Travia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020 and had a double mastectomy. Following the surgery, she became more aligned with her body and was able to reinvent herself in a more authentic form, which made her a better partner because she was no longer hiding.
  • Reinvention is finding a new gear for who you are today, so that you can become the person your goals require you to be.
  • One reinvention tool Travia uses in her marriage is a regular check-in with her wife. They remove distractions and answer a series of vulnerable questions such as asking how well they are meeting each other’s needs. It requires honesty, vulnerability, and listening.

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