Want more Self-Love? Better Communication? or Getting Started in Business?

Last week school started where I live. Traffic patterns shift with drop off and pick up times. The neighborhood is quieter during the day. Parents everywhere have a little more breathing room in their schedule. The newness of shiny backpacks and unread books brings excitement, along with trepidation about what’s ahead.

It’s also a great time for new beginnings for adults. As temperatures cool and heads clear, there is room for new endeavors, for tasks not yet done to be completed and new dreams to emerge. If your dreams involve more self-love, improved communication skills, or getting started in business, I have some low cost or FREE opportunities for you, amazing workshops and classes being offered by three of my friends and colleagues.

Kari Lynn Morgan is a passionate woman who knows how to enjoy life in the good times, and how to connect with herself in times of struggle. She will be teaching, “Finding Self-Love in Times of Darkness”. 

How do you love yourself when you feel unlovable?  In times of sadness, anger, resentment, victimhood, we can still choose to love who we are.

This 6-week course will explore ways to stay present and loving, with all parts of you, even in difficult times. We’ll explore questions such as:

  1. What does self-love mean to you?

  2. How do you stay connected when you want to run?

  3. What is the difference between self-love and avoidance?

  4. What happens when it gets too difficult?

  5. Why shouldn’t I just “pop out of it?”

Click here to find out more about this live online course, taught by Kari Lynn Morgan.

Terri Moon is offering “Increasing Connection with Self and Others: An Intro to Heart-based Communication”. Terri is a warm-hearted woman with a loving, generous presence.  For more information, click here. I have had the pleasure of teaming up with Jen Serebrin, host of “Successful Start for Entrepreneurs”. Her online show is all about getting started in business, learning tips and tools from others who are successful, so that you set yourself up for success!

The show starts on September 3rd and is FREE.  Register for the event by clicking here.

In Service to Your Transformation,

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