Intimacy Comes From Feeling Expressed

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Intimacy…what do you think of when you hear that word? Do you want more of it?

There are lots of ways to experience more intimacy—through the bonding that comes from having a meaningful experience with other(s). It might be a fun leisure activity, or collaborating on a project at work. Either way, it is considered experiential intimacy.

Sometime intimacy comes from connecting deeply on thoughts and ideas, especially when there is the quality of engagement where both agreements and disagreements further the conversation. This is known as intellectual intimacy.

Emotional intimacy is when people are comfortable sharing their deepest feelings with one another—even when sharing them is uncomfortable and requires courage.

Physical or sexual intimacy comes with sharing your body with someone else and receiving their body with love, interest, and erotic delight. Many times people use the word “intimacy” and are referring to this flavor. Other times it’s much more ambiguous. I personally love the word “intimacy” because it’s such an umbrella term and people can respond to the element in it that serves them best.

The more intimacy (of any/all types) you have, the more fulfilling your life is.

The key is not just sharing information, or doing a particular activity together. The key is sharing more of who you are and being open to feel the other person.

The amount of intimacy you experience in your life comes down to how expressed you are.

If you hold back who you are—whether it’s due to your own discomfort in sharing, or you feel that bringing more of your will overwhelm another, or any other reason you have—intimacy will elude you.

If you courageously and carefully open your heart, share gently with real vulnerability and authentic presence, you will invariably have more intimacy in your life.

If you do so with your partner, you are likely to have more of every kind of intimacy!

If you aren’t sure how to be more expressed, let’s dialogue about it. Whom do you want to feel more intimate with? What’s holding you back?

You can comment below, or click here to send me an email. I would love to connect.

With pleasure and purpose,


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