• Alexandra Stockwell

Do you want to strengthen your family bonds?

If we just met or you have been a part of my community for a while, you know that I usually share stories about relationships and provide actionable tools to improve your life—to feel more cherished and experience more pleasure in the context of long term relationships and every day living!

Today, I have something different for you.

I teamed up with Amanda Taney. She is an amazing woman. She works in tech for the US military. She is also one of 8 children and completely devoted to helping families thrive and flourish, as she believes that family is everything. She believes family is the foundation of happiness, meaningful living, and the way to make our world better. She’s also shares an incredible partnership with Keith Smith, the NFL quarterback as well as being a self-proclaimed Christian and proud alum of Liberty University.

And, while I seemingly have none of those things in common with Amanda, the result of the conversation was incredibly powerful! We talked about couple relationships and how important they are for families to thrive, how to be successful with a blended family, how to heat up the intimacy in the context of raising kids, and so much more. What was incredibly interesting to me is how even though Amanda and I have different backgrounds and upbringings, many relationship frustrations and obstacles remain the same. That helps show how important taking care of our relationship foundation truly is when it comes to a family and/or couple (regardless of the various extenuating circumstances).

I would like to invite you to tune in to hear my tips and tricks on intimacy even when it feels like there is no time or energy!

In addition to my interview, you will also have access to many experts in a variety of fields which all relate to helping families flourish, sign up for this free summit here.

“Your Family Is Your Greatest Strength” online summit starts Monday, May 11th. It’s free and if this calls to you, be sure to reserve your spot now!

Here’s how the summit works:

  • You sign up for FREE at the link above

  • Starting on May 11th you’ll receive one video a day with one expert offering you the top strategies for creating a family you can thrive with. You can choose which ones you watch, and which ones you skip.

  • Immediately, you’ll start to notice how much more aligned and empowered you feel with new creative solutions to create deep, meaningful and lasting connection with your family members, no matter who they are. And, you’ll feel the support of the community to hold you high.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts as each interview offers a unique and important perspective on enhancing your family culture in ways that suit you!

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