A School for Mothers—would you sign up?

My friend Danusia Malina-Derben has 10 children—that’s right TEN children. You can see her here with half of them, including her now 6-year-old triplets.

She is a devoted mother, a single mother actually, and she is also a powerhouse businesswoman.

She is super ambitious and a C-suite level consultant who has spoken at American Express and assorted other well-known companies.

She also has a lovely voice with a lush British accent, which matters because you get to hear it! Danusia is the host of the School for Mothers podcast where she inspires listeners with a new vision of motherhood.

It’s the kind of motherhood where you deeply love and tend your children, while also taking action, and being creative and powerful in your professional life–all without guilt, or shame, or swimming in a sea of not being good enough.

I really love her. She’s innovative and full of surprises. She’s all heart, empowerment, and creativity while discussing the everyday challenges of motherhood along with the cultural messaging we all must navigate.

I am deeply honored to have been interviewed by Danusia on the School for Mothers podcast and am super excited to share our conversation with you. It’s called Passionate Partnerships.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

What is your inner stance toward parenting?

How do you speak with your children and how does that seep into communications with your partner?

What was most valuable for you in our conversation?

Email me at alexandra@alexandrastockwell.com and let me know—I am truly interested.

With pleasure and purpose,

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