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Do you want to deepen your understanding of your relationship? Access new heights of emotional, sensual, and erotic intimacy?
Is your marriage really great, and you’re wondering what more is possible for you? Are you feeling stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find your way back to one another? If you want your relationship to feel truly amazing, join Alexandra Stockwell, MD, physician, and Intimate Marriage Expert every week, as she shares the secrets to creating and sustaining a deep, meaningful, and passionate marriage.

In intimate relationships, we must navigate our differences and often that happens through conflict. But imagine if we allowed these areas of tension to be a source of nourishment and expansion instead? What would become possible for both of you?


In today’s episode of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, I invite Marie-Elizabeth Mali and Patrick Price (former clients of mine and relationship experts themselves) for a discussion on how they have navigated their differences with elegance and intention, in the areas of race, age & money. Join us as they share their profound insights on focusing on “connection over content” to build their rich, intentional, and growth-based relationship. 

 We discuss: 

  • Navigating the 3 major areas of difference in their relationship: age, money & race
  • How dating outside their own race has impacted their partnership
  • Code-switching – professionally v. in the relationship
  • A mini-lesson from Patrick on attention in a relationship
  • Transcending their age difference (and which one of them finds this more challenging)
  • Marie-Elizabeth as the financial provider, upper limits & a pivotal moment for Patrick
  • And a lot more…

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