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On this episode of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, I speak with Ryan and Dr. Carly Crewe about raising twin girls, traveling the world, and managing their full-time family businesses. Carly is a psychiatrist, author, podcast host and CEO of a virtual mental health clinic for women. Her husband, Ryan, is a stay at home dad and helps support their family businesses. They have been married for 10 years. We discuss how Ryan chose to be a stay at home parent and how Carly’s virtual clinic grew seemingly overnight. We discuss how they prioritize their marriage in the midst of busy and full lives, their unique view on education, and their future travel plans. Listen as we talk about marriage, family, and how to navigate conflict with healthy communication.


  • [00:50] Introduction of Ryan and Dr. Carly Crewe
  • [04:07] Ryan’s decision to be a stay at home dad
  • [06:39] Stay at home dad experience
  • [08:03] Growing Carly’s virtual mental health clinic
  • [10:30] Their dynamic with work and travel
  • [12:50] How they prioritize their marriage
  • [17:22] Where to next on their travels
  • [19:07] Carly – What have you learned about yourself from being married?
  • [21:32] Receiving criticism and navigating conflict
  • [23:16] Ryan – What have you learned about yourself from being married?
  • [25:33] Contacting Carly and Ryan


  • As a stay at home dad, Ryan has been surprised by the stereotypes of how other men view being a stay at home parent as not a full time job.
  • A challenge to being a traveling family is not always having childcare readily available. Carly and Ryan have to rely on each other to watch the twins and alternate when they set aside designated work hours for their family business.
  • Healthy conflict resolution and navigating arguments means staying focused on the issue rather than the person.
  • A significant ritual that Carly and Ryan practice is their strategic life meetings on Sundays. They sit down to look at the upcoming week and prioritize their exercise, nutrition and children’s educational activities.
  • Weekly “planning” meetings as partners helps to develop amazing communication skills because it creates a context where you learn to honor and speak up for your own needs, as well as honor the other person’s wants and needs.

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Carly Crewe, MD is a mom to twin toddlers, modern day nomad and MD Psychotherapist specializing in women’s mental health. Dr. Crewe is the CEO and Owner of Eunoia Medical Clinic, an innovative and dynamic virtual clinic that provides comprehensive treatment of mental health disorders in women by an extraordinary team of female family doctors.

Ryan Crewe is the Chief Financial Officer of Eunoia Medical and an incredible stay-at-home parent to twin girls. Ryan is a retired power engineer and previous manager who now helps manage the Eunoia Medical Clinic alongside his wife Carly.

Carly and Ryan now call a 31 foot RV “home” along with their twin girls and 2 rescue dogs.

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