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Create fantastic marital intimacy, and reignite the spark that has diminished over time!

Aligned &
Hot Marriage

With Alexandra Stockwell, MD

Deepen your emotional connection,
plus reignite the excitement & passion!

Through Dr. Alexandra's guidance in the Aligned & Hot Marriage LIVE program,

we have more connection, understanding, and love than ever!

- Emma Andre, Doctor

Aligned & Hot Marriage

When it comes to your profession and career, you are really good at what you do. So why is it so hard to figure out your marriage, and intimacy?

You are educated and successful. You have high standards and know how to make things happen at work and in your family. So why is it so challenging to “fix”
relationship problems with your spouse?

Some days you’re not even sure there is a problem because your marriage is actually much better than others you know. In fact, many people look up to you and admire your relationship. But sometimes… it’s lonely, and frustrating, and you don’t feel seen.

As a woman, you crave the feeling of being seen and cherished. You want your partner to honor you for your badass ways at work, and for your tender heart as well. You yearn to feel supported and adored.

As a man, you want to feel respected and appreciated. You want acknowledgement for being a good provider, and you also want to be desired by your woman.

That’s where I come in…

because having a fantastic relationship is a learnable skill. For over 20 years, I have helped men and women bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of their relationship life–from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom-all while maintaining extraordinary professional success!

Creating an aligned and hot marriage enhances all of life- for both of you, and for your children too.

NOW is the time for you to create a relationship that’s deeper and more intimate than ever before.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • The relationship you once had, filled with passion, connection, and and great sex, has become a distant memory. You’re not sure how to get back to that, or if it’s even possible.
  • You yearn to feel SEEN and HEARD, able to say anything without your partner becoming defensive or checking out.
  • You long for a deep, intimate connection in your marriage, yet there’s a mismatch in desire and you’re rarely in the mood at the same time.
  • You crave improved communication and would love step-by-step guidance on how to do it (and you’re convinced it shouldn’t be so complicated.)
  • You are ready to let go of shame and relax into the lusciousness of your body, opening to new experiences with your beloved. You are ready to discover MORE PLEASURE while touching and being touched.
  • You are done compromising and want to learn another (BETTER) way!

There is absolutely no benefit to waiting to transform your relationship--none!

Personal Live Group Coaching with


Expertly calibrated, soulful coaching will help you and your partner implement the curriculum in ways that honor your desires and address your specific challenges, allowing you to disrupt longstanding patterns with an ease that will astound you.

There is a world of difference between accessing instruction on how to have an intimate marriage and becoming a living embodiment of one.

It’s the difference between reading my book or watching my teaching videos, versus experiencing firsthand my attention and love, focused on your relationship. I designed this program to close that gap because, while the former is helpful, the latter is extraordinary.

Wishing you were more on the same page when it comes to emotional closeness and intimacy?

Do these sound familiar...

I live a good life, with more advantages than most people have. Shouldn’t I just be satisfied with how things are and focus on work, my kids, and other projects?

It’s been this way for so long. When I’m being honest, I’m not sure I even know what sexy feels like…

Am I just being selfish in wanting to feel fulfilled, electric, excited to be with my spouse?

I have so much on my plate already. How will I find time to work on our marriage, or fit more romance into my schedule?

Why am I feeling this when our marriage is better than most…

We already tried marriage counseling with very little impact. Will this be any different?

This program is FOR YOU if:

  • You and your partner want to learn how to have a fantastic relationship.
  • Your communication is good and you want it to be better.
  • Your marriage is good and solid and you want to reignite the spark.
  • You’ve never consciously focused on your marriage and are excited to do so.
  • You’ve done lots of therapy and you yearn for proactive guidance and clear progress.
  • You and your partner have been married for a few decades and want to deepen your connection.
  • You and your partner are engaged or newly married and committed to setting yourselves up to win.
  • You and your partner have been stretched thin by kids/career/other commitments and want to find your way back to one another.
  • You’re both committed to your own personal growth as well as the growth of your marriage

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You believe the most effective way to improve your relationship is for your partner to change.
  • Your relationship is toxic and volatile.
  • You are on the verge of divorce and this is your last ditch effort.
  • You’ve never read my book, heard my podcast, and/or don’t know anything about the Uncompromising Intimacy methodology.

I’ve had these same fears-every one of them. So I get it. But let me ask you this…

Do these concerns (justifications) serve you? Are they even true?

Twenty years ago I embarked on a journey to learn how to heal and transform relationships, not only for my patients but for myself and my own marriage. I wanted more for us than friendly companionship, logistics, and discussions about our children.

I wanted to look forward to connecting with my husband after we were both done with our workday–every day! I wanted to feel alive and lit up, passionate about my marriage, and my life. I searched for help in achieving this goal but what I found was a lot of information for singles, young couples just getting started, and those on the verge of divorce. There was hardly any guidance available for committed couples like my husband and me.

So I took what was offered and expanded it, evolving my methods through research and play until they worked for us–in the midst of our successful careers and busy family life. Since then, we’ve been living our authentic version of our own unique, “happily ever after.”

I want this level of passion, joy, and fulfillment FOR YOU!

I’m the best-selling author of “Uncompromising Intimacy,” host of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, and I’ve helped thousands of couples fall in love all over again, feeling NEW DEPTH and finding NEW DELIGHT in their marriage.

“Through the Aligned & Hot Marriage LIVE program and Alexandra’s guidance and support, we have already progressed more in a few weeks than in our 4 years together.”
 – Kelsey Blakeway, Entrepreneur

“We enrolled in the Aligned & Hot Marriage LIVE program because we wanted to improve our relationship.
I really liked the connection and community that was built through regular participation in the coaching calls and I always felt safe, seen and supported by Alexandra.”
-Michele Wellington, CEO Women Can Heal

“With Dr. Alexandra’s guidance in the Aligned & Hot Marriage LIVE program, we have more connection, understanding, and love than ever before. I never could have imagined what would unfold, and how I could become a more authentic and powerful version of ME in the process. She is amazing at what she does, and we are so grateful to have benefited from her attention and expertise.
I wish every couple could experience what she offers!”
-Emma Andre, Doctor

I want to teach you the exact same methods I use in my own 27 year marriage–that I have already taught to thousands of couples–so that you too can grow in the most delicious ways, in order to become the couple you were always meant to be.

What I know for sure is that the key to passion, fulfillment, intimacy, and success isn’t compromise-it’s being unwilling to compromise. When you both feel free to be yourselves, and you know how to love and be loved for exactly who you are, your relationship will be juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying.

You too can access the pleasure and joy of an Aligned & Hot Marriage.
One with deep connection, reverence, and expansive feelings of love for one another!

Aligned & Hot Marriage Live

With Alexandra Stockwell, MD


Cultivate Curiosity

to keep things fresh and engaging.

Embrace Honesty

so you aren’t carrying things by yourself anymore.

Be Kind

because that’s part of being on the same team.

Choose Happiness

and life becomes easier and more fun.

Untitled design (7)

Take Responsibility

It’s part of being an emotional adult, sovereign and whole.

Seek Growth

it’s the most empowering, sexy way to live.

Aligned & Hot Marriage

program Features & Benefits:

  • profound, nuanced, effective personal coaching from Dr. Alexandra
  • 2 hour weekly sessions to ask questions, share wins, and hear others doing the same
  • accountability and momentum to keep you and your partner motivated and engaged
  • online curriculum with videos, workbooks, and exercises that are fun to do
  • access to the exceptional learning available when you witness Dr. Alexandra coach others

  • community support and inspiration from peers on the same path as you

…. and so much more



8 weekly group calls with Dr. Alexandra
Online teaching videos and self-paced workbooks
Fantastic community of like-minded couples


one-time payment of $3000
two monthly payments of $1600



Getting Started

As a result of completing this module you will:

  • appreciate that you are taking action to create the relationship you desire
  • be willing to consider new ideas and learn new ways of interacting with one another
  • hear Dr. Alexandra’s story and what inspired her to create this program


Cultivate Curiosity

As a result of completing this module you will:
  • know how to Cultivate Curiosity
  • understand the importance of curiosity in creating connection
  • enjoy the playfulness that comes with asking open-ended questions
  • practice using a simple tool that will transform any conflict


Embrace Honesty

As a result of completing this module you will:
  • know how to speak with your partner so they listen
  • understand the difference between brutal honesty and vulnerable honesty
  • enjoy letting go of compromise and bringing all of yourself to your relationship
  • practice using the 3-part method to successfully share vulnerable truths


Be Kind

As a result of completing this module you will:
  • know the secret to overcoming frustrating or harmful patterns in your relationship
  • understand the difference between being “nice” and being “kind”
  • enjoy experiencing how conflict can lead to a deeper connection between you and your partner
  • practice doing a “Conscious Redo”


Choose Happiness

As a result of completing this module you will:
  • know that being right and winning arguments is overrated
  • understand the importance of clearing resentments
  • enjoy the personal power  that grows with a win-win approach
  • practice choosing happiness and reap the benefits from doing so


Take Responsibility

As a result of completing this module you will:
  • know the importance of taking 100% responsibility for the quality of your marriage
  • understand the events of your life as happening to you vs happening for you
  • enjoy implementing simple ways to improve your relationship
  • practice different ways to express your appreciation of your partner


Seek Growth

As a result of completing this module you will:
  • know a variety of ways to seek growth, together
  • understand the importance of ongoing personal growth for maintaining passion
  • enjoy clarifying the foundation of your relationship
  • create a vision statement for an Aligned and Hot Marriage


Celebration & Graduation

As a result of completing this module you will:

  • focus on celebrating in ways that delight you both
  • take stock of how far you’ve come
  • reflect on how good it can be in your Aligned & Hot Marriage
  • clarify how you will maintain forward momentum

Everything has changed since I joined the Aligned & Hot Marriage program.

My partner and I have new tools for self-expression within our relationship, a new sense of alignment between us, more affection, and a levity and joy that is exactly what we were looking for!


Low monthly

2 monthly payments

$1,997.00 usd

SAVE $---

best value

one time payment

$1,997.00 usd

What past participants say

Meet Dr. Alexandra

Known as “The Intimacy Doctor,” Alexandra Stockwell, MD is an Intimate Marriage Expert. She is the bestselling author of Uncompromising Intimacy, host of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, and the creator of the Aligned & Hot Marriage program.

For over 20 years I’ve shown men and women how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life: from the daily grind of running a household, to intimate communication and ecstatic experiences in the bedroom–all while maintaining professional success!

A wife of 27 years and a mother of 4, I believe the key to passion, fulfillment, intimacy and success, isn’t compromise–it’s being unwilling to compromise–because when both people feel free to be themselves, and know how to love and be loved for exactly who they are, the relationship is juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying.

I’ve been featured in the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, USAToday, Business Insider, InStyle, FOX News NYC, and Disruptors Magazine named me one of “30 Inspiring Women to Watch in 2022.”

Low monthly

2 monthly payments

$1,997.00 usd

SAVE $---

best value

one time payment

$1,997.00 usd


The Aligned & Hot Marriage LIVE program is designed for busy couples with full lives, however, reigniting the spark and deepening your connection takes time, attention, and a willingness to prioritize your relationship.

For the duration of the program (8 weeks) there is a 2 hour live coaching call each week. In addition, plan for 30-45 minutes to watch instructional videos and do the homework together.

Once the coaching calls end, you will have access to the online curriculum for as long as the program is available. You may download the workbooks and keep them forever.

While initially it may be unfamiliar, it will probably turn into your favorite part of the program. You will get to learn so much from other couples, and be witnessed in your own growth by people who understand what you are going through.
Also, you can keep things as discreet as you wish and still get all the benefits of live coaching.

This is a program for couples. If your partner isn’t interested, enroll in the Aligned & Hot Marriage program on your own. You will get great benefit from doing so and perhaps your partner will be interested in the LIVE coaching program in the future. For more information click here:

Sign up for the waitlist!

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