Turns Out That Compromise Isn’t the Key to a Happy Relationship After All
Some variation of “compromise more” is probably the most common, universally accepted piece of relationship advice—the idea being that if you learn to meet your partner halfway, you’ll both be happy. But as a relationship and intimacy expert who has been guiding couples for 20 years, I don’t think that advice is actually true.
The Absolute Best Way to Get Your Relationship Out of a Sex Rut
In my time as a relationship and intimacy expert, I’ve seen a lot of couples who aren’t thinking about divorce and appear from the outside to be happily married and doing fine—but they used to have sex, and now they just… aren’t. And that means that no, they aren’t doing fine.
9 strategies to ensure your relationship survives long-term work from home
In order to maintain vibrancy and long term health in intimate relationships, it's key to find new ways to navigate the day-to-day stress on couples that results from working from home. What may have worked for the initial phase of suddenly sheltering in place in the context of a global pandemic won't necessarily be adequate going forward.
4 ways couples should prepare for the end of quarantine
Throughout the country, couples have been spending pretty much all of their time together, day in and day out. For most couples it took some time — and a lot of trial and error — to figure out a new routine that worked for both people. And now it's all changing again as couples anticipate one or both of them returning to work.
5 ways to use the quarantine to strengthen your relationship
Throughout America, couples who typically only see each other on evenings and weekends are now together all day long. Whether one or both are working, or they are currently unemployed, this creates seismic shifts in the relationship. For some it can be a wonderful time to deepen the bond between them. For others, it leads to tensions and clashes that could be potential precursors to divorce.
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How to Build Intimacy with Your Partner
Insight into what intimacy truly means, plus some expert-approved exercises to try with your partner.
How Long Does The Average Woman Want Sex To Last? What Research Tells Us
You might sometimes hear people making jokes about how long someone "lasts" in bed, usually in reference to men. But how long sex "lasts" for women is a complicated question because it's mixing together a lot of assumptions about what acts are involved in a sexual encounter, how important orgasms are, and how women's orgasms actually work.
The Death of Libido
The pandemic is keeping us at home — but out of the bedroom
How To Have Sex During Periods Safely & Comfortably
It may appear taboo, but having sex during your period can be great for your overall well-being. Today, couples are often comfier having sex than talking about it. But the truth is, sex is an opportunity to explore not only your relationship with your partner but also your relationship with yourself. Period sex is no different.
The Vicious Cycle Sabotaging Your Sex Life
As if being ghosted by your sex drive isn't bad enough, it can also make you feel self-conscious. Here's how to deal.
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Personal Growth

Tips on Self-Motivation
Ever since sleeping late and working in your PJs has become the norm instead of the exception, mastering the art of self-motivation has never been more crucial.
Embrace Your Greatness & Banish Negative Self-Talk
Unrealized potential. There's a ring of melancholia to it, a mourning for what might've been that brings to mind Marlon Brando's unforgettable,“I coulda been a contender,” line from “On The Waterfront.” The theme of chances not taken, is universally relatable, maybe because what prevents many of us from moving ahead is an unwillingness to push beyond self-imposed fears. And those fears — aka the devil on your shoulder — can feel extremely powerful. Eyes open or closed, this defeatist talk is eve
I’m Child-Free and Couldn’t Be Happier About It. What’s So Bad About That?
Women need to stop pressuring other women to want children
40 Things Doctors Say Affect Your Health After 40
So many different elements play a role in how healthy you are as you age. As you get older, your immune system weakens, your mental health can take a hit, and your risk for certain diseases increases.
Shades of Gray: Embrace Your Shadow Self
“Light,” could easily be thought of as a concept. An idea of something bright and beautiful, radiating positive energy, drenched in the sun’s warmth. Who wouldn’t want to linger there?
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What to do with your kids when schools are canceled
For the past 10 years, I’ve homeschooled my four children and understand how to survive several weeks at home with a houseful of kids — even if you have your own work to do.
Children of Mothers with Depression More Likely to Develop Depression Themselves
Children of mothers who experienced perinatal depression have a 70 percent higher risk of developing depression in adolescence and adulthood.
There’s no place like home – right?
You made it through week one of the school shutdown, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. It wasn’t that bad, was it? Instead of hustling out the door in the morning, maybe you enjoyed a second cup of coffee (or actually finished your first cup). And you’re beginning to get the hang of telecommuting.
Sample Schedules For Kids Home From School During Coronavirus Outbreak
Not being in the classroom doesn't mean they have to stop learning.
Why Are So Many Teens Ditching Condoms?
The #metoo movement ushered in an era of activism and openness. Topics that previously felt taboo, like consent, sexuality, and women’s pleasure, are being more candidly discussed and posted about across social media.
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Articles by Other Experts

Red Flags in a Relationship
When a relationship is starting to develop, it can fill you with butterflies and
make you see the world through rose-tinted glasses. For that reason, many people don’t recognize some of the biggest red flags and wind up getting hurt later on down the line.
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