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Implementing masculine and feminine polarity teachings prohibits the cultivation of uncompromising intimacy, because they place you in a particular role that inhibits the expression who you really are. This is an outdated view on relationships and ultimately undermines the idea that the tension between “masculine” and “feminine” ways of being creates erotic chemistry in a relationship. This usually is understood to mean that having a man embody masculine energy and a woman embody feminine energy (in a heteronormative relationship) will result in a wonderful marriage.  It’s far more important to focus on your own authenticity and self-expression, rather than taking on a particular gender role.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • How masculine and feminine roles have changed over the decades (including examples from my own relatives)
  • Why I believe that masculine and feminine polarity teachings are extremely restrictive
  • My client, Suzanne, who was hesitant to participate in coaching because she was so concerned about giving up who she is in order to fit into a “feminine” role (as she felt she would be losing herself in the process)
  • When masculine and feminine polarity teachings ARE helpful in an intimate marriage

Resources referenced in this episode:

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How Masculine-Feminine Polarity Teachings Undermine Intimacy

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