Create the relationship you really want.

Drawing on my experience as a Medical Doctor, Relationship Coach, Emotional Intimacy and Sensual Passion Expert, I will teach you how to create the emotional and sensual intimacy you crave.  Through step by step instruction, I will show you how to embrace your desires, heal your resentment, and co-create an open-hearted, nourishing, sexy relationship.

Some of the outcomes that clients have gotten from working with me:

You experience unconditional love and acceptance. Know your partner has your back no matter how you mess up or how well you succeed. Choose to reveal and be vulnerable with your partner. Be unapologetically yourself.

Be honest about your emotions. Have more sexual energy flowing in your marriage, and feel all of the joy that brings to every aspect of your life. See how a lack of vulnerability used to stifle your passion and learn how to share your joy and your happiness, as well as your disappointment and anger, and have all of them lead to more closeness and connection.

Deeply relax from knowing someone believes in you. Have a partner who listens so well that they know what you will say next, while they are also often surprised because they notice you’re growing and becoming.

Make significantly more money. Your children are happier. The emotional tone of your home feels safe and loving, and your whole family thrives. You participate in the world with an abundance of vitality. You are less offended by people’s comments and behaviors. You have more clarity about what you want.

You are noticeably more willing to take personal and professional risks. You are confident.