I designed this program for you, and other women who want to continue the journey with me.

More pure in-the-moment, custom coaching for you, and the opportunity to witness coaching for other women (that ends up being for you too)!

  • Permission to express your truth
  • Being fully seen and supported
  • Learning to see the win-win in your situation
  • Creating the relationship legacy you want your children to have

This is your space to clarify your desires, and make them come true. For ongoing community, insights, and growth.

Continue Your Journey to Embody Your
Relationship with Yourself and Your Partner!

You'll be joined by alumnae of


Aligned & Hot Marriage

Private Coaching with Alexandra

Live Sessions

Sept 8, 22 | Oct 13, 27 | Nov 3, 17 | Dec 8, 22
Calls will be at 9:10 am PT


Client Testimonials

“Empress is the perfect opportunity for me to create space for feminine solidarity in my everyday life; I love to commune with likeminded women and tap into their wisdom, humor, and power. Our cohort includes women from around the world, in many different phases of life, including mothers of young children, women my age in our second season of glorious self-knowledge, and multiple races and life experiences.

Alexandra employs an intimate approach to one-on-one coaching within the group that is somehow respectful of everyone’s time, boundaries, and expectations. Some sessions focus more on a few members, going deep and then broadening the issues therein to apply to more people. Most of the time, we hear from every single person in attendance, and turn our attention to what’s on their hearts and minds. It’s energizing to be part of one another’s processes. 

Participating in the program has boosted my confidence and certainty in an approach to life that isn’t celebrated or even visible in mainstream culture. The biweekly sessions are a touchstone and a delicious, sacred-feeling time that is set aside for me to connect with sisters and friends, and myself.”

- Rachel Coleman

“I LOVE our group; I treasure the friendships I have made there and the way we witness one another’s growth as we develop our personal sovereignty, and our relationships with romantic partners and our families. This is while simultaneously refining our clarity of intent and increasing our capacity for joy. 

Alexandra has a wonderful gift of modulating to the energy needed during our calls; she is soft when you feel fragile, challenging when you feel blame-y, animated when you are celebrating.”

- Robin W.

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