Uncompromising Intimacy

Discover how much more is possible in your own marriage.

Fall in love all over again, and have hot, passionate, deeply satisfying sex with your partner.

Do you want more passion and intimacy, afraid that without it you’ll eventually end up divorced?
Do you yearn to fall in love again, adored, cherished, and enjoying the feelings that arise when your partner is deeply devoted to you?


A wife of 26 years and a mother of four, Alexandra Stockwell, MD
started her career as a medical doctor and is now an Intimate
Marriage Expert. She coaches couples to have passionate, dynamic, intimate marriages.

In Dr. Alexandra's first book you'll...

Evoking Brene Brown, Esther Perel, and a voice that is uniquely her own, Alexandra Stockwell, MD’s writing is part inspiration, part practical application, and part invitation to a new world view – one where you get to bring all of who you are into your relationship and be loved because of it.

You know what you want, so get this book now and learn how to create it!

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Get the roadmap for the intimacy you desire by reading the first chapter of my book “Uncompromising Intimacy.”

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