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I embarked on this journey
not only for my patients but for myself and my
own relationship.


Feel your desire for affection, passion, and joy, as well as for shoes, vacations, and a dream house. Let yourself dream about what’s possible because knowing exactly what you want is key to getting it.


Want more deliciousness,
more joy, more connection?
In Intimacy you will learn to know what intimacy is and how to create it. Take steps on your own, as well as


I’ll teach you how to bring all of who you are to your relationship, while inviting your partner to do the same. When you learn to bring everything to your relationship including the good, the bad, the messy, the striving, the insecure, the superstar, and the badass, you will be amazed at how fantastic you feel!


It’s time to expand into rock-solid stability, erotic passion, ease, internal peace, and delicious pleasure in your relationship–in the process seasoning your whole life with delight and joy.

Relationships are the spice of life.
The glue that holds us together.

My mission is to change the cultural narrative around long-term relationships from one of ongoing stagnation and companionship to the delectable joy and deep gratification a couple feels while building passion and excitement on a daily basis.

It’s time for your relationship to feel as good on the inside as
it looks on the outside.

What My Clients Say

Alexandra Stockwell is a brilliant coach and mentor. She’s a perceptive listener and has a very nuanced and expansive understanding of what makes people tick. She’s deeply caring and supportive, and also speaks directly to what you need to hear to get unstuck. Before Patrick and I worked with Alexandra our relationship was good, now it’s fantastic!”

– Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Relationship Coach, TEDx Speaker, Poet

“With Alexandra’s guidance, we have more connection, understanding, and love than ever before. I never could have imagined what would unfold, and how I would become a more powerful version of ME in the process. I wish every couple could experience what she offers!”

- Emma Andre Doctor

“We enrolled in the Aligned & Hot Marriage program because we wanted to improve our relationship. I really liked the connection and community that was built through regular participation in the coaching calls and always felt safe, seen and supported by Alexandra.”

- Michele Wellington, CEO of Women Can Heal

“I am forever grateful to have been coached by Alexandra. I have increased my confidence, feel better about myself AND my relationship is so much better.”

- Rocio Guerrero, Teacher

“After years of arguing, conflict, and hurt feelings, we regularly create family events which are fun for everyone, emotionally safe, and really nourishing for me. I am so happy to feel in harmony in all of my important relationships, and really in love with my husband.”

- Tamika, Wife and Mom

“Alexandra’s approach is at once conversational, respectful, informative, and profound. Alexandra is a relationship expert, a happily married woman and mother, a trained medical doctor, and teaches with the manner of a warm, approachable friend. She blends those qualities together in a singular way that makes one feel she truly cares about your success and happiness.”

- Rebecca Dawson, Entrepreneur

Alexandra Stockwell, MD

Alexandra Stockwell, MD is an Intimate Marriage Expert. She is the bestselling author of Uncompromising Intimacy and the creator of the Aligned and Hot Marriage program.

For over 20 years, she has shown men and women how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life–from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom!

She believes the key to passion, fulfillment, intimacy, and success in a couple’s relationship isn’t compromise–it’s being unwilling to  compromise–because when both people feel free to be themselves, and know how to love and be loved for exactly who they are, the relationship is juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying.

Alexandra has been featured in the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone,
USAToday, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, InStyle, FOX News NYC, and many other publications.


Get the roadmap for the intimacy you desire by reading the first chapter of my book “Uncompromising Intimacy.”

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