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Having a
relationship is a
learnable skill

Having a nourishing juicy fantastic connected passionate
relationship is a
learnable skill


You’ve been taught to compromise, deprioritizing your own needs and desires, but as so many others have found it’s a sure way to diminish connection, dial down passion, and erode sexual chemistry in the bedroom.

Stop withholding your own needs and desires, and experience the delight of authentic self-expression and open-hearted intimacy.

Neither of you learned the skills you need to take your relationship to the next level.

It’s not too late.

You can change this today.

You can change this today.

596 couples already enrolled
Will you and your spouse be next?

Do you tell yourself:

“We need more time together for our relationship to thrive.”

“Hopefully when the kids are older we’ll be happy again.”

“If I just had a communication script to follow so he/she would know what I mean

If only my spouse were a better lover"

“Why is this so hard?”

“If I can just find a way to put up with xyz (insert partner’s annoying way of communicating, touching you, not paying attention to you, or other problematic behavior), then things will be fine.”

You've been taught that the way to have a good marriage is to be good at compromise.

It’s not.

Compromise is a one-way ticket to unhappiness, dissatisfaction, disconnection, and infrequent and/or unsatisfying sex.

Despite being the relationship advice that is given most often, it doesn't work. When you compromise on honoring your own needs and desires, speaking your truth, and downplaying yourself for the sake of the relationship, it erodes the connection between you.

Consider this...

When you compromise, you end up feeling unseen, taken for granted, disrespected, and not fully present in your relationship.

You are more likely to be on your phone, spend money unnecessarily, complain to friends, feel burnt out and unappreciated while attending to all your daily tasks and responsibilities.

You yearn to feel more alive, yet you find yourself  dehydrated and sexually frustrated instead.

Compromising for the sake of your relationship is the very behavior that results in resentment, numbness, disconnection, random outbursts when you need to let off steam, and a sense of futility that’s hard to pinpoint.

On the outside everything looks great but inside, it’s lonely and complicated.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

You’re smart, educated, and motivated to do well in your life. You know how to succeed in professional contexts and it’s really frustrating that it’s not happening in your marriage too.

Of course you want a fun, easy, affectionate relationship with emotional nourishment along with sensual connection and erotic gratification.

  • You don’t have to be stuck, walking on eggshells or tolerating random communication landmines. 
  • You don’t have to hold back your authentic desires, fearing they may be perceived as “too much.”
  • You don’t have to keep wondering whether you can have the relationship you really want.
  • There’s no reason to keep feeling rejected or resentful, just because you don’t know how to connect in a way that works.

It’s time to learn the skills and develop the mindset that will allow you to connect deeply and feel fulfilled in your relationship. I call this Uncompromising Intimacy.

provides a proven roadmap to create:

– lasting emotional, sensual, and erotic intimacy
– a relationship that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside
– trust that you’ll be able to say whatever you need to and it will go well
– confidence you can weather any storm, and quickly reconnect
– fun and ease, with excellent communication and sexual chemistry

The concept is simple, so why is this rare?

Because other books, podcasts, therapists, counselors, and coaches, invariably operate from the wrong paradigm. They can be very useful for individual growth but not for in growing the connection between two people.

The key is to stop focusing on communication scripts, new sexual positions, or any other behavioral strategy–the key is to develop a felt sense of connection both within yourself and with your partner.

Typical problem solving skills don’t work here – you’re usually good at problem solving so you already know that.

It’s not something you can figure out on your own, because by definition you can’t see your own blind spots.

Why Uncompromising Intimacy Works:

You will learn to use your intelligence to show up in your marriage more effectively. Taking clear, sequential steps you’ll learn to speak from the heart, listen with presence, and enjoy experience the power of vulnerability. You’ll enjoy the way doing so stokes the fire between you, creating more passion than ever before.
The Aligned & Hot Marriage program is THE place to learn my cutting edge methodology of Uncopromising Intimacy. What took me decades to develop is available to you in 8 simple modules, and you’ll get results as soon as you begin!  Many graduates refer to the Aligned & Hot Marriage program as the marriage manual they are glad to finally have.

In the Aligned & Hot Marriage Program

you will learn to:

  • Tap into playfulness with your partner, lighten up the heaviness so your relationship feels fun and easy again
  • Notice where you withhold and compromise, and learn to be fully expressed instead– even on the topics you tend to avoid dial down the truth of who you are
  • Move towards one another and expand your connection, even when you disagree
  • Speak so your partner listens, and you feel understood, without the heartache of feeling taken for granted
  • Distinguish between brutal honesty and vulnerable honesty, in order to share openly without hurting one another
  • Overcome frustrating patterns so you enjoy being together, without feeling alone
  • Enjoy the personal power that arises with a win-win approach, shedding any tendency towards domination or hierarchy
  • Build a lasting foundation that will create confidence you’ll be well equipped to navigate whatever life brings–together–avoiding unwelcome disconnection and shutting down
  • Make transitions smoothly so you limit the time you’re out of sync, without lots of processing.
  • Uplevel the culture of your marriage and fall in love all over again, trusting you know how to deepen intimacy and nurture passion.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You and your partner want to learn how to have a fantastic relationship.
  • Your communication is good and you want it to be better.
  • Your marriage is solid and you yearn to reignite the spark.
  • You’ve never consciously focused on your marriage and are excited to do so.
  • You’ve done lots of therapy and you want proactive guidance, clear progress, and real results.
  • You and your partner have been married for a few decades and want to deepen your connection.
  • You and your partner are engaged/newly married, and you’re committed to setting yourselves up to win.
  • You and your partner have been stretched thin by kids/career/other commitments and want to find your way back to one another.
  • You’re both devoted to your own personal growth and you want to focus on the growth of your marriage.

This program isn't right for you if:

  • You believe the most effective way to improve your relationship is for your partner to change.
  • Your relationship is toxic and volatile.
  • You are on the verge of divorce and this is your last ditch effort.
  • You’ve never read my book, heard my podcast, and/or don’t know anything about the Uncompromising Intimacy methodology.

The Details

The Aligned & Hot Marriage program includes 8 modules–each one
features one of the foundational skills in the Uncompromising Intimacy.
Each module contains two videos and 1-2 activities that help you practice and integrate the lessons learned.

This is an independent study program. You'll have lifetime access to the curriculum.




1 payment


2 monthly

Once you enroll, your partner will be invited to enroll without an additional charge.

Purchase today and receive immediate
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Without even realizing it, you have adopted false ideas and common misconceptions about intimacy and how to cultivate it.

In this eye-opening course you’ll identify the well-meaning, dysfunctional behaviors you’ve adopted which create barriers to intimacy–every single day. Reinvent intimacy from the inside out through nurturing emotional intimacy, sensual intimacy, and erotic intimacy, in order to access the passion you yearn for.

Using Attachment Styles to Create More Connection
in your Relationship

Most attachment style teaching provides understanding without offering solutions for everyday interactions and increasing passion in the bedroom.

In this much-loved webinar, Dr. Alexandra details the different attachment styles and how to navigate them to make your relationship better.
She provides real-time solutions based on your attachment style and your partner’s attachment style.

The Surprising Secret to Having a Fantastic Relationship

What if shifting one simple thing is exactly what you need to start enjoying the love and satisfaction you once had in your relationship–this one thing changed everything and has been the cornerstone of our juicy intimacy for 27 years and counting…
In this ten minute audio course, you will learn the secret and be inspired to implement it in your own relationship. When you do, you are sure to create immediate, positive changes.

The Modules

How It Begins

Where you learn foundational
concepts on how to grow together.

Keeping It Fresh

Where you learn the best ways to deepen connection, and pivot from conflict to collaboration.

Opening Your Hearts, Safely

Where you distinguish brutal honesty from vulnerable honesty and feel more emotionally intimate.

How You Say It Matters

Where your blind spots are revealed and you learn to disrupt dysfunctional patterns, and feel closer instead.

Happiness Is Yours

Where you enjoy the personal power and erotic chemistry that come from creating win-win approaches with your spouse.

Responsibility Is Sexy

Where you learn to reframe events in your life in ways that serve your relationship, while clarifying what it means to take responsibility within an intimate marriage.

Ignite Passion

Where you curate your own menu to improve communication and uplevel the intimacy in your marriage.

Ongoing Expansion

Where you clarify the culture of your marriage and make a clear plan to nurture your relationship on an ongoing basis.


The Aligned & Hot Marriage program is designed for couples like you, with busy, full lives, and many personal and professional responsibilities. As you go through the program, you can pace yourself according to your availability.

However, if you want to deepen your connection and reignite the spark in your marriage, it takes time, attention, and a willingness to prioritize your relationship in order to get the results you want. Couples usually find it takes about 30-45 minutes per week to watch the videos and do the activities in each module. Some couples get into student mode and schedule regular times to learn. Other couples make the Aligned & Hot Marriage program an at-home date night activity. Most importantly, by virtue of it being an independent study program, you can set it up however it works best for you.

Once you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access.

Absolutely! The Aligned & Hot Marriage program provides the structure and guidance you’re looking for to increase the intimacy in your relationship. It’s a fun, easy-to-follow curriculum that will facilitate profound transformations for anyone who implements the lessons.

Many couples have had this question before enrolling, and have been very pleasantly surprised with the enhanced intimacy and connection that naturally happens as a result of participating in the program.

As you implement what you learn in the program, your relationship will evolve in wonderful ways. This means, while it’s most beneficial to work through each module together, you will still get a great deal of benefit doing the program on your own.

Also, there are a lot of options in this situation. Some people watch the videos on their own, and their partners just join in for the activities. Others engage with the material and seamlessly integrate the lessons into their relationship, without ever telling their partner about the program. The point is, you can make lasting improvements whether your partner joins you or not.

Yes, definitely. This program provides step-by-step, sequential instruction on how to positively contribute to your marriage–while getting your own needs met. It takes what seems mysterious and makes it actionable.Without ambiguity or inference, you’ll learn how to be present with your wife in ways that gratify you both–intellectually, emotionally, and physically. It really isn’t as complicated as you’ve been led to believe.

It certainly will, but not how you think. Your sex life will flourish when you put your attention on deepening your emotional connection with your wife. The Aligned & Hot Marriage program will show you how to do so and, for most couples, that is all it takes for sensual intimacy to flourish.

I am not formulaic in my approach so the short answer is no, those philosophies are not part of the Aligned & Hot Marriage program.

Uncompromising Intimacy is all about becoming more of who you are, not someone you aren’t. So if your personality is to be soft and surrendered but you’ve learned to be tough and do everything on your own, then becoming more aligned and authentic will involve some softening. But if you are a kickass, powerful woman, then that’s who your husband fell in love with and that’s the woman who gets to show up more (not less).

“We had a great relationship before, and now it’s fantastic.”

I have increased my confidence, feel better about myself AND my relationship is so much better.”

Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Relationship Coach

Yvette Racines and her husband Kevin enrolled in the Aligned and Hot Marriage program in Feb 2023.

She shares her experience on episode 130 of The Intimate Marriage Podcast:

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