How are YOU?

How are YOU?

How are you doing?

How is your health? Your family? Your heart and soul? Please, comment below or email me and let me know.

My family is well. I am home with my two younger children and my older two (in college, and in grad school) are together in the middle of the country. I am using this time to slow down and connect with all my children the way I used to when they were little.

My attention is also on my relationships.

Being at home with your partner, if it’s not your usual way of life, tends to go one of two ways for most couples. For some it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time together, to enjoy one another’s company, to savor being able to let go of the busyness of life and slow down with their partner.

For others, it’s really hard. No more welcome distractions in the form of work and other activities away from one another.

Once the quarantine was lifted in China, the divorce rate spiked. This has happened with each of the natural disasters in recent decades which caused couples to be isolated in their homes.

Having a fantastic relationship is a learnable skill.

It’s part trial and error and part learning from others, with the natural benefits of maturity thrown in. The key is having a growth mindset and seeking out inspiration and instruction.

To that end, I am really excited to offer couples guidance on how to use this time to create more connection and more fun. I am tweaking the details but this much is certain:

  • I will show you how to use the time at home to clear your resentments, reignite the spark, and co-create an even better passionate partnership.
  • All the details are in my new Facebook group “Relationship Reset”
  • It will be FREE

Join me here. I can’t wait to see the magic you will make!

With pleasure and purpose,

Are Your Kids at Home?

Are Your Kids at Home?

Intimacy. Sex. Communication. Juicy relationships.

If you read my weekly emails, you know those are the topics I write on and care deeply about.

You may not know that I have four children and am in my 10th year of homeschooling. My older two went to school through 3rd and 5th grades, and I have been homeschooling ever since. First in Massachusetts, then Kansas, and now California.

Across the country, parents are thrown into a crazy situation—having to home-school with no preparation, no idea where to begin, and no real desire to do so.

To serve all of you in this situation I wrote What To Do With Your Kids When Schools Are Cancelled.

The response has been amazing, including a reporter from Fox News NYC reaching out and interviewing me this morning.

I feel for everyone thrown into this and quickly developed a very accessible program to support you. It’s called Calm In Chaos—Thriving Amidst School Closures.

Join me in Calm in Chaos if you want to:

  • Enjoy your children more
  • Find inner calm in this chaotic time
  • Feel sane and get some time for yourself
  • Improve your relationship with your partner and other family members
  • Have a sense of progress and accomplishment despite the rest of the world feeling like it’s at a standstill

If this isn’t something for you, please forward it to others who would welcome some support as they figure out how to homeschool. The course is just $27 and runs through the end of the school year!

And, whatever you do in these challenging times, take the opportunity to snuggle up with your people and tell them how much you love them.

With pleasure and purpose,