What Should I Do?

2 – Is Sex For Me or My Partner?

As many women may feel, sexual experiences can often feel one-sided and like a chore. Many have shared that their body has been more of a resource for their partner to experience pleasure while it not being pleasurable for themselves. 

In this episode, Josephine’s close friend from college shares that having sex used to be “for the guy”. Now she’s engaged and learning to be in the present moment while reclaiming pleasure for herself and figuring out how to enjoy the experience. Lucky for Josephine, her mom is a renowned relationship expert who focuses on sex and intimacy in relationships. Tune in to get Alexandra’s view on how to create an intimate relationship where both people are giving – and receiving – pleasure.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Laura, Alexandra, and Josephine in this episode: 

  • How Laura’s engagement has changed the way she and her fiancée argue.
  • How expression outside the bedroom leads to passion in the bedroom (or wherever!).
  • Why Laura decided to reclaim her body by not having sex.
  • What Laura’s doing to enjoy yearning and desire.
  • Laura’s relationship curiosities around infidelity.

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