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In this episode of The Intimate Marriage Podcast, Alexandra Stockwell, MD, discusses how you can navigate the incredibly difficult landscape when either you, or your partner, suffers through the loss, or terminal illness, of a parent.

This is not a fun topic, but it is an extremely important one that eventually comes up, at some point, in most marriages.  After all, real intimacy is not only about the sexy and fun moments–it is also about supporting a loved one through all aspects of life, and an unfortunate truth is that sickness and death find us at both expected and unexpected moments. Whether you or your spouse have lost one or both parents, or if one of you has a sick parent, or even if you currently have four healthy parents/in-laws, this episode will raise your awareness. It can help you navigate through some of the inevitably hard moments in life, in ways that are meaningful for your marriage. For those who haven’t encountered this type of hardship, I realize this is a tough subject and it may even seem morbid. But know that this is about setting yourself and your relationship up, so that you’re not blindsided by realities that will eventually happen. The orientation I provide today can also be successfully applied to other hardships you encounter as well.

Also in this episode:

  • The story of when and how I lost both my mother and my father
  • Why the spouse going through the loss can feel lonely even within a strong, connected marriage
  • The differing perspectives between the supportive spouse and the one going through the loss of their parent
  • Guidelines to get through this heartbreaking experience without creating a barrier between you and your partner
  • Specific recommendations for the supportive spouse to be able to love well during this time

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117. How To Navigate The Devastating Loss Or Terminal Illness Of A Parent Or In-Law

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