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Is your marriage really great, and you’re wondering what more is possible for you? Are you feeling stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find your way back to one another? If you want your relationship to feel truly amazing, join Alexandra Stockwell, MD, physician, and Intimate Marriage Expert every week, as she shares the secrets to creating and sustaining a deep, meaningful, and passionate marriage.

Today’s podcast episode is different from every episode before it. Because for the first time ever, I’m interviewing someone about the power of authentic connection who is not currently in a committed relationship. But, I heard Serdar Hararovich speak on a panel about masculine and feminine polarity teachings and his views piqued my interest (plus I was captivated by his voice which you’ll soon understand). Then shortly after that, I saw a post he did on how to have meaningful connected sex and I knew we were aligned in our ways of thinking and that he would have a lot to offer that will enhance the intimacy in your life. 

Serdar is the epitome of self-reflection, living authentically, and constantly growing in connectedness and hearing his perspective as a single male is sure to inspire and nourish you.

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • How the challenges in Serdar’s upbringing left him with a strong yearning for connection
  • How Serdar defines attachment trauma and how it relates to the way he coaches
  • The ways in which Serdar’s concept of connection has evolved over time
  • Serdar’s views on sex, intimacy, and connection and his guidance on how to have more fulfilling sex

Serdar’s personal growth journey is truly beautiful and I’m delighted for you to learn from such an enlightened man.

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Her mission is to change the cultural narrative around long-term relationships from one of ongoing stagnation and compromise to the delectable joy and deep gratification a couple feels while building passion and excitement together, every day.

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Alexandra Stockwell, MD supports family happiness through facilitating healing and joy for couples.

The Power of Authentic Connection with Serdar Harorvich

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