What Should I Do?

1 – Introduction Episode

Welcome to What Should I Do? My name’s Alexandra Stockwell, and I’m a relationship and intimacy expert. When my 23-year-old daughter, Josephine, calls me seeking advice, the conversation always lead to the question, “What should I do?” She and her Millennial friends need answers – but ones that are practical and easy-to-understand.

In this inaugural episode mother-daughter pair, Josephine and Alexandra describe wanting to create real, relevant conversations about millennial relationships.

They have been having them with one another, and now others can listen in too! Listen in on how Josephine and Alexandra trouble-shoot real matters of the heart – regardless of age or stage of life. 

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Alexandra and Josephine in this episode: 

  • A little about them, their journey, and their relationship.
  • The inspiration behind this podcast.
  • What Millennials need to nurture healthy and fulfilling relationships.
  • What to expect from the podcast!  

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