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Nourish Your Relationship

Dear Committed Partner who wants more,

I would love to gift you my 3 part mini course,  “Feeling Stuck and Undesired? Take the Next Steps to a Juicy, Connected Relationship”.

It was created to inspire you, and to give you practical action steps so you can have the relationship you really want. You'll get details about the kinds of challenges most committed couples won’t share with anyone, making it hard for you to know others face the same problems you do, much less how to resolve them.

Click the link below and you will receive an insider’s view on how three couples took their loving yet painfully unsatisfying relationships and turned them into amazing, intimate, soulful, nourishing partnerships. I’m sharing their stories, so you can see what’s possible FOR YOU!

Jeff and I are so much closer than we were when we came to Alexandra for help. We’ve gotten back to truly enjoying one another’s company, and in fact, our marriage feels so fresh that we decided to recommit, getting married all over again!

— Susana Acevedo


I have moved to a higher and deeper level of connection and heartfelt love in every area of my life, and I’ve developed new relationships that are more nourishing, satisfying and creative.

I regularly feel empowered, happy and free--my internal wild woman riding with the wind in her hair--and I’m so grateful for Alexandra’s presence in my life.

— Lisa St. John



It's time to create the relationship you really want.

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About Alexandra

For 20 years, first as a physician and now as a Relationship and Intimacy Expert, Alexandra has been guiding men and women to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life.

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Articles & Interviews

Alexandra shares insights, wisdom, and relationship tips in this collection of articles and interviews.

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Relationships are my passion

The key to a fantastic relationship is when each person takes 100% responsibility for the success of the relationship.


My life is completely different…

Alexandra is a goddess, and I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for me. She’s really helped me understand the magic that can happen when we allow ourselves to invest in ourselves and our relationships.

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